Group Retreats

The following group retreats can be attended for just a day,the weekend or the whole week and are an ideal next step after attending a beginner’s weekend and drop-in classes. Meditating and praying in a group is very powerful and creates a very positive energy.

These group retreats are ideal for those with some experience of meditation and/or Buddhist practices who wish to gain a deeper level of practice. If you are unable to attend any guided sessions and are unfamiliar with the practices then please contact before booking one of these retreats.

Guru Yoga and Mandala Offerings Retreat

Friday 8 – Friday 15 July 2016

Accumulate positive mental energy and receive the inspiration essential for our spiritual progress. This retreat consists of reciting prayers, making mandala offerings and meditating on Guru Yoga; a way to receive powerful blessings from all the Buddhas through our Spiritual Guide.

The retreat will begin with an introductory talk on the Friday evening. The retreat itself will be unguided.


Friday 8 July
7.30pm Introduction
Saturday 9 July
9 – 10am session 1
11.30am – 1pm session 2
4 – 5.30pm session 3
7.30pm – 8.40pm Wishfulfilling Jewel with tsog offering
Sunday 10 July
9 – 10am session 1
11.30am – 1pm session 2
4 – 5.30pm session 3
7 – 9pm Offering to the Spiritual Guide
Monday 11 – Thursday 14 July
8 – 9.30am session 1
11 – 12.30pm session 2
4 – 5.30pm session 3
7 – 8.30pm session 4
(no session on Tuesday evening due to Meditation Class)
Friday 15 July
8 – 9.30am session 1
11 – 12.30pm session 2
Please note: This retreat timetable may change due to building works so please contact the centre before attending any sessions.

Celebrating Buddha’s Enlightenment

Nyungne Purification and Fasting Retreat

2017 Dates to be confirmed

We celebrate this day with a very special 2-day retreat. You are welcome to join us for one or both days.

The retreat is a two day fasting and purification practice done in conjunction with beautiful prayers to 1,000 Armed Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion. It is the traditional way to celebrate Buddha’s Enlightenment Day, called Nyungay in Tibetan.